Exhibition Review | A Perfect Ending, Wonderful Curtain Call!

June 13 , 2023

2023 CHINASHOP China Retail Exhibition

Finished perfectly

Syble has gained a lot from this exhibition

Won the praise and recognition of many visitors

Although the three day exhibition time is short

But the shock and excitement brought by it is eternal

Let us review the wonderful moments together!


New product release, strength out of the circle 


As a national high-tech enterprise, an innovative enterprise and a specialized and special new enterprise, syble focuses on independent research and development, and launches classic products and a variety of new products at the exhibition, providing more professional one-stop barcode solutions for the retail industry. It fully demonstrates the scientific research strength and research results of syble in barcode recognition and scanning equipment in the past 10 years.


Merchants, whether online or offline, tend to pursue an efficient method of cashier scanning to meet the needs of modern users. As a professional barcode identification and scanning equipment manufacturer, syble has always been committed to developing more intelligent and convenient products to meet the needs of merchants.



In addition to new products

There are also a variety of classic products on the booth

Attracted the attention of many customers

Won the love and trust of users!

Efficient performance of the product

Make it widely applicable to various fields

Effectively improve the cash register scanning speed


Blessed with strength, bursting with popularity



The rich exhibits and display content attracted visitors from different industries to stop and inquire, and to have in-depth exchanges with our business team in the booth. The exhibition brought new opportunities, new markets, and new contacts to syble. The booth was enthusiastic keep rising.


field staff

Seriously understand customer needs

Product questions raised by customers

Answer them one by one from a professional point of view

And provide customers with corresponding barcode solutions according to their needs

Strive to provide customers with the best quality service

For this reason, customers have affirmed our professional services

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