Application of Embedded Scanning Module

May 23 , 2023

With the development of smart terminals, access gates are no longer limited to airports, subways, stations and other places for ticket checking, but are more used in high-end office buildings, factories, libraries, theaters, stadiums, exhibition centers, and tourism. Access control, attendance, electronic tickets, intelligent self-service equipment and other management systems for various public places such as scenic spots.

Therefore, for different application scenarios, our company also develops various self-service embedded barcode scanner modules to meet the needs of the market and customers. Let’s introduce our embedded barcode scanner

M4 qr code scanner module, super wide-angle. The scanning camera uses a 130w image sensor. 2 reflections. The speed is about 5m/s. It is used in some high-end large self-service machines. For example, RT-Mart, Yonghui and other large supermarkets. There are some channel self-service machines and experience areas. Then this barcode scanner module can be directly embedded in these places. This is a back speaker. The louder sound is good for use in noisy environments. It can be placed on the side or back. The sound is different. In addition, the silver plating parts here have good performance and sleep function.

M3 arduino barcode scanner module , a smaller size, is used in medium and large supermarkets, with 130w pixels, used in self-service equipment.

M2 embedded barcode reader, similar in appearance to M3 , uses 130W pixels. Applies to self-service equipment. Queuing order, convenience store self-service supermarket. etc. In addition, this barcode reader module also has an external movable speaker, fixed on the device, and can also be fixed at the location where the customer wants to be fixed, which is convenient for customers to follow Adjust the sound source on your own needs. The second is that there are many holes on the two sides to facilitate the installation of different machines

M1 scanner barcode embedded. This one is round, because each format is different and uses 60W pixels. On the interface. The big one is an external USB interface, and the small one is an external speaker interface, which can be connected to an external speaker. The sound effect will be louder. In the shape of silver, electroplated parts are used, which looks more high-end. In addition, it also comes with a detachable bracket, which is more convenient for installation depending on customer needs.

76M6 2d barcode scanner module which can scan WeChat, Alipay and other payment barcodes, interpret various 1d and 2d barcodes, and support secondary development. For example, corresponding to the development of Android system, the appearance is small and exquisite. It does not take up space, the lens is self-sensing, and can be embedded in a variety of devices. Cash registers, subway turnstiles, medical embedded machines, queuing to order food and other formats.

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